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Geometric Progression (GP) MCQ Questions with Answers PDF Download eBook

Practice Geometric Progression (GP) Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), geometric progression (gp) quiz answers PDF worksheet, math test for online courses. Solve sequences and series Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), "Geometric Progression (GP)" quiz questions and answers for accredited online colleges. Learn harmonic progression (hp), arithmetic progression, series in maths, arithmetic mean (am) test prep for best online SAT prep class.

"The 5th term of the G.P 3,6,12,… is" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on geometric progression (gp) with choices 15, 48, 2, and 3 for accredited online colleges. Solve geometric progression (gp) quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for best online GRE prep class.

MCQs on Geometric Progression (GP) PDF Download eBook

MCQ: The 5th term of the G.P 3,6,12,… is

  1. 15
  2. 48
  3. 2
  4. 3


MCQ: Sum of n terms of G.P is

  1. n/2[2a+(n-1)d]
  2. a(1-rn)/(1-r)
  3. 2ab/(a+b)
  4. a+b/2


MCQ: If a = 3, r = 2, then the nth term of the G.P is

  1. 2.3n-1
  2. 3.2n
  3. 3.2n+1
  4. 3.2n-1


MCQ: If a,d and Sn are the first term, the common difference and the sum of first nth terms of the series, then Sb =

  1. n/2[2a+(n-1)d]
  2. n/2[a+(n-1)d]
  3. n/[2a+(n-1)d]
  4. a+(n-1)d