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World Court Quiz PDF: Questions and Answers - 143

Free World Court Quiz Questions and Answers PDF, World Court Quiz PDF Download, Book Test 9-143 to study international relations online courses. Solve International Organization, Law, and Human Rights MCQ Questions PDF, World Court Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The World Court Trivia App Download: Free learning app for collective security, bureaucracies, statecraft, two world wars, 1900-1950, world court test prep to learn online degree courses.

The Quiz: How many panels of judges the World Court has; "World Court" App Download (Android & iOS) Free with answers 11, 10, 12 and 15 for colleges that offer online degrees. Study international organization, law, and human rights questions and answers, Apple Book to download free sample for free online courses.

World Court Questions and Answers PDF Download: Quiz 143

MCQ 711: How many panels of judges the World Court has?

  1. 10
  2. 11
  3. 12
  4. 15

MCQ 712: World war I and World War II occupied how many years

  1. 10
  2. 20
  3. 30
  4. 40

MCQ 713: They broke the relation and removed the satellite station from

  1. Kiribati
  2. Hong Kong
  3. Beijing
  4. Egypt

MCQ 714: Diplomatic activities are organized through

  1. Foreign ministry
  2. International ministry
  3. International organizations
  4. National Organizations

MCQ 715: When the UN weapons inspector was sent back to Iraq?

  1. 1996
  2. 1998
  3. 1999
  4. 2000

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