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Types of Computer Printers MCQ with Answers PDF

Types of Computer Printers Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Types of Computer Printers quiz answers PDF with computer fundamentals career tests for online courses. Practice data preparation and input Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Types of Computer Printers quiz questions for online college courses. Types of Computer Printers MCQ PDF: computer plotters, document readers, input at terminals and microcomputers test prep for top computer science schools.

"Printer in which output is printed by the use of light beam and particles of ink infused on paper is best classified as" MCQ PDF on types of computer printers with choices character printer, line printers, laser printer, and beam printer for online college courses. Practice types of computer printers quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for computer science associate degree.

MCQs on Types of Computer Printers Quiz

MCQ: Printer in which output is printed by the use of light beam and particles of ink infused on paper is best classified as

character printer
line printers
laser printer
beam printer

MCQ: Type of printer in which characters or letters are formed without the use of any mechanical impact is termed as

page printers
line printers
impact printer
non impact printer

MCQ: Situation in which printers are differentiated on the basis of characters, lines and pages to be printed is called

sequence to print data
impact to print data
non impact printer
font of characters

MCQ: Type of plotter in which the paper is held stationary and paper is held by underneath section is classified as

drum plotter
flat bed plotter
desk jet plotter
ink jet plotter

MCQ: Type of printer in which the loop rotates in horizontal lines and hammer set of printer is used across the paper is termed as

band printers
ink jet printers
page printers
font printer

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