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Program Errors Quiz Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook - 61

Practice Program Errors quiz questions and answers, program errors MCQs with answers PDF to solve computer fundamentals worksheet 61 for online graduate programs. Practice "Input Errors and Program Testing" quiz questions with answers, program errors Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to solve computer test with answers for online college classes. Free program errors MCQs, input output, truth tables, program style and layout, storage devices of computer, program errors test prep for best online schools for computer science.

"Language compilers and interpreters does not translate the statements correctly when they have", program errors Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices base errors, transcription error, syntax error, and logical error for CS major. Learn input errors and program testing questions and answers with free online certification courses for applied computer science.

Quiz on Program Errors PDF Download eBook

Program Errors Quiz

MCQ: Language compilers and interpreters does not translate the statements correctly when they have

  1. transcription error
  2. base errors
  3. syntax error
  4. logical error


Storage Devices of Computer Quiz

MCQ: Single disc which is held in protective jacket and has a magnetized surface is available to read or write data is

  1. floppy disc
  2. fixed disc
  3. magnetized disc
  4. hard disc


Program Style and Layout Quiz

MCQ: In unstructured programming language BASIC, program can be divided into

  1. different modules
  2. different arrays
  3. different dimensions
  4. different procedures


Truth Tables Quiz

MCQ: Logic gate in which any one of inputs is logic 1 results in output as logic 1 is termed as

  1. NOT gate
  2. NOR gate
  3. AND gate
  4. OR gate


Input Output Quiz

MCQ: A very small area of the screen is called

  1. high resolution
  2. resolution
  3. medium resolution
  4. pixel