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Computer Architecture and Organization Interview Questions with Answers PDF p. 144

Computer Architecture and Organization interview questions and answers, computer architecture and organization trivia questions PDF 144 to practice Computer Fundamentals exam questions for online classes. Practice File Systems MCQ questions, computer architecture and organization Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Computer Architecture and Organization Interview Questions PDF: file storage and handling of files, updating files, input output, sorting files, computer architecture and organization test prep for computer software engineer online degree.

"Direct access method is suitable for" MCQ PDF with choices storage medium, offline applications, batch applications, and online application for computer software engineer. Learn file systems questions and answers to improve problem solving skills to learn online certificate courses.

Trivia Quiz on Computer Architecture & Organization MCQs

MCQ: Direct access method is suitable for

offline applications
storage medium
batch applications
online application

MCQ: In sorting sequential files, data is stored only when it is in

main store
temporary store
complex store
simple store

MCQ: Special value placed at the end of items data list is called

vague values
numerical values
rogue value
decimal values

MCQ: Program which reads one record at a time from transaction and master file is called the

saved program
updating program
run time program
online program

MCQ: To recognize the last record of program file, program uses

header label
trailer label
end of file marker
start of file marker