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File Storage and Handling of Files MCQ with Answers PDF

File Storage and Handling of Files Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), File Storage and Handling of Files quiz answers PDF with computer fundamentals career tests for online courses. Practice file systems Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), File Storage and Handling of Files quiz questions for computer majors. File Storage and Handling of Files Interview Questions: computer organization and access, file system and file usage, searching, merging and sorting test prep for free online classes.

"Label which contains file name is classified as" MCQ PDF on file storage and handling of files with choices header label, trailer label, end of file marker, and start of file marker for computer majors. Practice file storage and handling of files quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for best online schools for computer science.

MCQs on File Storage and Handling of Files Quiz

MCQ: Label which contains file name is classified as

header label
trailer label
end of file marker
start of file marker

MCQ: File which contains list of other file names is known as

path file
batched file
path name

MCQ: Process of organizing data into the processed file is classified as

deleting a file
organizing a file
creating a file
updating a file

MCQ: Label which contains the information of various records in data file is classified as

end of file marker
start of file marker
header label
trailer label

MCQ: Files are located by operating system with the help of

addressing system
path file system
directory file system
header file system

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