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Computer Registers Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Computer Registers quiz answers PDF to study computer fundamentals online course for computer fundamentals classes. Central Processing Unit and Execution of Programs Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Computer Registers quiz questions for computer information science. "Computer Registers Book" PDF: typical instruction format, computer registers, typical instruction set test prep to learn online certificate courses.

"Register which is used to store values of arithmetic and logical operations is termed as" MCQ PDF: computer registers with choices arithmetic register, accumulator, logical register, and controller for computer information science. Study computer registers quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for computer software engineer online degree.

MCQs on Computer Registers Quiz

MCQ: Register which is used to store values of arithmetic and logical operations is termed as

Arithmetic register
logical register

MCQ: Specific purpose storage location is termed as

executed register
timed register
sequenced register

MCQ: Counter that holds instruction fetched from store during decoding and execution is called

current instruction register
program instruction counter
sequence instruction register
programming register

MCQ: Sequence control register is also known as

program counter
instruction counter
sequence register
controlling register

MCQ: Counter that holds addresses of next fetched instruction is called

sequence control register
program counter
temporary register
both A and B

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