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Thomas Edison Quiz Questions and Answers PDF p. 235

Thomas Edison quiz questions and answers, thomas edison MCQs with answers PDF 235 to practice General Knowledge mock tests for online college programs. Practice Famous Scientists trivia questions, thomas edison Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Thomas Edison Interview Questions PDF: galileo galileo, thermosphere, european union, world affairs, thomas edison test prep for online career assessment.

"American inventor and businessman, Thomas Edison, was born in" MCQ PDF with choices 1855, 1852, 1847, and 1858 for grad school interview questions. Practice famous scientists questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for job placement test.

Quiz on Thomas Edison MCQs

MCQ: American inventor and businessman, Thomas Edison, was born in


MCQ: The Eclipse which occurs in day time is

Star eclipse
Ariel Eclipse
Lunar eclipse
Solar eclipse

MCQ: Parliament of European Union was elected after

Five years
Six years
Seven years
Nine years

MCQ: Non-hydro meteorological phenomena such as Aurora's occur in the atmosphere layer known as


MCQ: Scientist whose name is known for heliocentrism, telescopic observational astronomy and dynamics is

James Chin
Max Born
Neil Campbell