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World Health Organization Quiz Questions and Answers PDF - 233

The e-Book World Health Organization Quiz Questions, world health organization quiz answers PDF download, test 233 to study online general knowledge degree courses. Practice International Organizations MCQ with answers PDF, World Health Organization Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The World Health Organization Quiz App Download: Free learning app for robert woodrow wilson, marie curie, human circulatory system, niels bohr, world health organization test prep for tricky trivia questions.

The Quiz United Nations specialized agency whose main concern is international public health is known as: ibrd, icsid, world food programme and world health organization with "World Health Organization" App Download (Free) for BSc degree entrance exam. Solve international organizations questions and answers, Amazon eBook to download free sample for high school entrance exam.

General Knowledge Quiz: World Health Organization MCQs PDF Download - 233

MCQ 1161: The United Nations specialized agency whose main concern is international public health is known as

C) World Food Programme
D) world health organization

MCQ 1162: First form of quantum mechanics is

A) matrix mechanics
B) hafnium mechanics
C) bohrium mechanics
D) radium mechanics

MCQ 1163: Circulatory system is also known as

A) ligament system
B) filament system
C) cartilage system
D) cardiovascular system

MCQ 1164: Scientist, Marie Currie, won her first Nobel Prize in Physics in

A) 1908
B) 1906
C) 1903
D) 1907

MCQ 1165: American scientist, Robert Woodrow Wilson, was born in

A) 1936
B) 1938
C) 1940
D) 1942

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