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Galileo Galileo Test Questions PDF - 232

The Book Galileo Galileo Test Questions, galileo galileo quiz answers PDF download, test 232 to download online general knowledge course. Solve Famous Scientists Test PDF, Galileo Galileo Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The eBook Galileo Galileo Trivia App Download: earth facts, thomas edison, maria goeppert mayer, venus facts, galileo galileo test prep for college admission test.

The Test: Book written by Galileo when he was house arrest is PDF, "Galileo Galileo" App APK Download with two chief world systems, one world system, three new sciences, and two new sciences choices for tricky trivia questions. Study famous scientists questions and answers, Apple Book to download free sample to learn free online courses.

General Knowledge Tests Online: Galileo Galileo Quiz PDF Download - 232

MCQ: Book written by Galileo when he was house arrest is

A) One World System
B) Two Chief World Systems
C) Three New Sciences
D) Two New Sciences

MCQ: Hottest planet of all the planets of Solar System is

A) Mars
B) Earth
C) Venus
D) Mercury

MCQ: Second Nobel Prize winning scientist after Marie Curie is

A) Irene Joliot Curie
B) Maria Goeppert Mayer
C) Dorris Lessing
D) Barbara McClintok

MCQ: Electric bulb, motion picture camera and phonograph are all great inventions of famous American scientist

A) Thomas Edison
B) Nikola Tesla
C) Marie Curie
D) Farrie Curie

MCQ: Considering facts about Earth, the orbit period of planet Earth is

A) 355 Earth days
B) 356 Earth days
C) 365.26 Earth days
D) 360 Earth days

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