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Marie Curie MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download eBook

Solve Marie Curie Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), marie curie quiz answers PDF worksheet, general knowledge practice test for online courses. Learn famous scientists Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), "Marie Curie" quiz questions and answers for graduate school interview questions. Learn albert einstein, sir frederick grant banting, charles darwin, johannes hans danniel jensen test prep for college entrance test.

"Two elements discovered by Marie Curie are" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on marie curie with choices sodium and radium, radium and polonium, sodium and polonium, and potassium and magnesium for graduate school interview questions. Practice marie curie quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for free career quiz. Marie Curie Video

MCQs on Marie Curie PDF Download eBook

MCQ: Two elements discovered by Marie Curie are

  1. sodium and radium
  2. radium and polonium
  3. sodium and polonium
  4. potassium and magnesium


MCQ: First women to win the Nobel Prize was

  1. Maria Goeppert Mayer
  2. Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin
  3. Marie Curie
  4. Elizabeth Helen Blackburn


MCQ: Marie Curie died in

  1. 1934
  2. 1938
  3. 1942
  4. 1946


MCQ: Marie Curie was born in

  1. 1862
  2. 1868
  3. 1865
  4. 1867


MCQ: Technique of isolating radioactive isotopes was achievement of

  1. Marie Curie
  2. Sir Isaac Newton
  3. Max Born
  4. Nicolas Copernicus