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The Book Erwin Schrodinger Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz), Erwin Schrodinger quiz answers PDF to learn online courses, general knowledge tests. Study Famous Scientists Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Erwin Schrodinger quiz questions for global knowledge quiz. The eBook Erwin Schrodinger MCQ App Download: niels bohr, maria goeppert mayer, aristotle, avicenna test prep for easy enrollment online colleges.

The MCQ: Austrian physicist, Erwin Schrodinger, died in PDF, "Erwin Schrodinger" App Download (Free) with 1967, 1965, 1961, and 1963 choices for global knowledge quiz. Practice erwin schrodinger quiz questions, download Google eBook (Free Sample) for grad school interview questions.

General Knowledge: Erwin Schrodinger MCQs

MCQ: Austrian physicist, Erwin Schrodinger, died in

A) 1967
B) 1965
C) 1961
D) 1963

MCQ: Austrian physicist, Erwin Schrodinger, won Nobel Prize in

A) 1934
B) 1936
C) 1930
D) 1933

MCQ: Erwin Schrodinger, won Nobel Prize for

A) wave equation formulation
B) development of matrix mechanics
C) interpretation of wave function
D) all of above

MCQ: Austrian physicist, Erwin Schrodinger, was born in

A) 1893
B) 1887
C) 1889
D) 1891

MCQ: Name of the book written by Nobel Prize winning Austrian physicist Erwin Schrodinger is

A) What is Life?
B) Al-Chemist
C) Al-Chemy
D) What is Matrix Mechanics?

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