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The e-Book Free General Knowledge Quiz Questions, General Knowledge Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) PDF download to learn online general knowledge courses. Solve Organisms having Exo Skeleton Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), General Knowledge quiz answers PDF for employment assessment test. The eBook Free General Knowledge Quiz Questions App Download: test your general knowledge online, general knowledge current affairs, science and technology quiz questions and answers 2017, test your kids - general knowledge mcqs test prep for easy enrollment online colleges.

The MCQ: Which one of the following group of organism have exo skeleton? PDF, "Free General Knowledge Quiz Questions" App Download (Free) with mollusks, birds, arthropoda, and amphibians choices for employment assessment test. Practice free general knowledge quiz questions quiz questions, download Google eBook (Free Sample) for job assessment test.

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MCQ: Which one of the following group of organism have exo skeleton?

A) mollusks
B) birds
C) arthropoda
D) amphibians

MCQ: Which continent is known as the dark continent?

A) Asia
B) Europe
C) Africa
D) Australia

MCQ: Merdeka cup is associated with

A) football
B) tennis
C) basketball
D) hockey

MCQ: Height of Geostationary Orbit is?

A) 36,000km
B) 25000km
C) 4890km
D) 2156km

MCQ: Barometer was invented by

A) roger bacon
B) Alexander Fleming
C) Thomas Barrow
D) Torricelli

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