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FAQ: ECE Interview Questions with Answers PDF Download eBook p. 23

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Practice "ECE Interview Questions with Answers" quiz PDF to solve basic electronics worksheet 23 for online certificate programs. Ece interview questions with answers to solve basic electronics quiz with answers for job placement test.

"Which of following term describes atom with five valance electrons" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices trivalent, pentavalent, divalent, and bivalent for university entrance exam. Practice pentavalent questions and answers with free online certification courses to apply to colleges online.

Quiz on ECE Interview Questions with Answers Worksheet PDF Download eBook 23

ECE Interview Questions with Answers

MCQ: Which of the following term describes the atom with five valance electrons?

  1. pentavalent
  2. trivalent
  3. divalent
  4. bivalent


PN Junction Lab Viva Questions for Competitive Exams

MCQ: Frequency range of sound waves that can be heard is termed as

  1. video
  2. audio
  3. image
  4. bit


Electronics Objective Questions and Answers

MCQ: A circuit that adds a DC level to an AC voltage using diode and a capacitor is called

  1. clipper
  2. clamper
  3. additor
  4. subtractor


Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers in Electronics

MCQ: The condition in which diode prevents current is called

  1. reverse bias
  2. forward bias
  3. neutral bias
  4. floating ground


Basic Electronics Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

MCQ: Value of gate to source voltage in FET that makes the drain current approximately zero is

  1. cutoff voltage
  2. saturation voltage
  3. biasing voltage
  4. source voltage