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Electronics Engineering Interview Questions PDF Download eBook

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Solve "Electronics Engineering Interview Questions MCQ" PDF to practice basic electronics quiz answers, competency based interview questions for online electronics engineering degree programs. Basic Electronics frequently asked questions bank has Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with answers to prepare for career tests.

"Led stands for" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to practice electronics engineering interview questions with choices light emitting damp, light emitting diode, light emitter diode, and long emitter diode for university entrance exam. Study basic electronics interview questions are to learn online FAQ: Electronics engineering interview questions with MCQ bank for associate degrees in engineering.

FAQ: Electronics Engineering Interview Questions PDF Download eBook

MCQ: LED stands for

  1. Light Emitting Damp
  2. Light Emitting Diode
  3. Light Emitter Diode
  4. Long Emitter Diode


MCQ: Output power of an LED per steradian in unit of mW/sr is called

  1. radiant intensity
  2. luminance intensity
  3. power intensity
  4. photon intensity


MCQ: Angle at which light ray strikes a surface is called

  1. angle of modulation
  2. angle of incident
  3. angle of reaction
  4. angle of reluctance


MCQ: In ionic solids, measure of strength of bonds in that ionic compound is called

  1. lattice energy
  2. static energy
  3. forbidden energy
  4. drift energy


MCQ: light having only one wavelength is

  1. coherent light
  2. emitter light
  3. microwave
  4. ultraviolet