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FAQ: Electronics Engineering Online Test PDF Download eBook p. 3

Practice "Electronics Engineering Online Test" quiz PDF to solve basic electronics worksheet 3 for online certificate programs. Electronics engineering online test to solve basic electronics quiz with answers for employment assessment test.

"Lascr stands for" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices light activated silicon controlled rectifier, light activated system controlled rectifier, light activated system common rectifier, and light advanced system controlled rectifier for online engineering programs. Practice lascr questions and answers with free online certification courses for engineering graduate colleges.

Quiz on Electronics Engineering Online Test Worksheet PDF Download eBook 3

Electronics Engineering Online Test

MCQ: LASCR stands for

  1. Light Activated System Controlled Rectifier
  2. Light Activated Silicon Controlled Rectifier
  3. Light Activated System Common Rectifier
  4. Light Advanced System Controlled Rectifier


Electronics Engineering Basics Practice Quiz

MCQ: Most heavily doped of three semiconductor regions of a BJT is called

  1. collector
  2. base
  3. emitter
  4. drain


Electrical Technician Interview Questions and Answers

MCQ: Removal or addition of an electron from or to a neutral atom so that resulting atom has a net positive or negative charge is called

  1. determination
  2. differentiation
  3. integration
  4. ionization


Basic Electronics Objective Type Questions and Answers

MCQ: Application of DC voltage to a diode, transistor, or other device to produce a desired mode of operation is called

  1. biasing
  2. reduction
  3. bounding
  4. modulation


Technical Quiz Questions with Answers in Electronics

MCQ: Straight line plot of current and voltage for a transistor circuit is called

  1. AC input line
  2. DC input line
  3. DC load line
  4. AC load line