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Practice Normal Force Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz), Normal Force quiz answers PDF to study engineering physics course for engineering physics online classes. Newton Law of Motion Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Normal Force quiz questions for online engineering associate's degree. Normal Force Book PDF: newton second law, normal force, tension, newton first law test prep for online engineering programs.

"If surface is friction less," MCQ PDF: normal force App APK with gravitational force is zero, normal force is zero, frictional force is zero, and elliptical force is zero choices for online engineering associate's degree. Learn normal force quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for online college admission.

MCQ on Normal Force Quiz

MCQ: If surface is friction less,

gravitational force is zero
normal force is zero
frictional force is zero
elliptical force is zero

MCQ: When a body presses against a surface, the surface deforms and pushes on the body with a force called

gravitational force
normal force
centripetal force
elliptical force

MCQ: Resistance directed along the surface is termed as

gravitational force
normal force
centripetal force
frictional force

MCQ: Normal force w.r.t to the surface is always

anti parallel
in random direction