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Practice Ideal Gases Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Ideal Gases quiz answers PDF to learn engineering physics online course for engineering physics classes. Kinetic Energy Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Ideal Gases quiz questions for engineering associate's degree online. "Ideal Gases MCQ" PDF Book: transnational kinetic energy, avogadro number, pressure, temperature and rms speed, degree of freedom test prep for online colleges enrolling.

"Gas constant has value of" MCQ PDF: ideal gases with choices 8.31 j/mol.k, 2.31 j/mol.k, 0.31 j/mol.k, and 30.31 j/mol.k for engineering associate's degree online. Learn ideal gases quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs to enroll in online classes.

MCQs on Ideal Gases Quiz

MCQ: Gas constant has value of

8.31 J/mol.K
2.31 J/mol.K
0.31 J/mol.K
30.31 J/mol.K

MCQ: The law which states that PV = n(R)T, where P is pressure, V is volume, n is the number of moles of molecules, T is the absolute temperature, and R is the gas constant is termed as

practical gas law
ideal gas law
unified gas law
filtered gas law