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Forced and Free Oscillations MCQ Quiz Online

Learn Forced and Free Oscillations Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Forced and Free Oscillations quiz answers PDF to study engineering physics online course for engineering physics classes. Alternating Fields and Currents Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Forced and Free Oscillations quiz questions for job placement test. "Forced and Free Oscillations MCQ" PDF Book: phase relations for alternating currents and voltages, electrical-mechanical analog test prep for online undergraduate engineering schools.

"Frequency of free oscillation is termed as" MCQ PDF: forced and free oscillations with choices nominal frequency, linear frequency, free frequency, and natural frequency for job placement test. Study forced and free oscillations quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for online assessment test for jobs.

MCQs on Forced and Free Oscillations Quiz

MCQ: Frequency of free oscillation is termed as

nominal frequency
linear frequency
free frequency
natural frequency

MCQ: If an oscillator is displaced and then released it will begin to vibrate, if no more external forces are applied to the system it is

free oscillator
forced oscillator
cosine oscillator
sine oscillator

MCQ: When object is forced to vibrate at a particular frequency by a periodic input of force, oscillator is called

forced oscillator
free oscillator
cot oscillator
tangential oscillator