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Celsius and Fahrenheit Scales MCQ with Answers PDF Download

The Book Celsius and Fahrenheit Scales Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz), Celsius and Fahrenheit Scales quiz answers PDF to study online courses, engineering physics tests. Practice First Law of Thermodynamics Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Celsius and Fahrenheit Scales quiz questions for online associate degree in engineering. The App Celsius and Fahrenheit Scales MCQ e-Book PDF Download: thermal expansion, absorption of heat by solids and liquids, heat of transformation, zeroth law of thermodynamics test prep for online career assessment.

The MCQ: 100° is temperature of PDF, "Celsius and Fahrenheit Scales MCQ" App Download (Free) with normal body, boiling point of water, freezing point of water, and accepted comfort level choices for online associate degree in engineering. Study celsius and fahrenheit scales quiz questions, download Amazon eBook (Free Sample) to enroll in online colleges.

Physics: Celsius and Fahrenheit Scales MCQs PDF Download

MCQ: 100° is temperature of

A) normal body
B) boiling point of water
C) freezing point of water
D) accepted comfort level

MCQ: 0° on the Celsius scale measures the same temperature as on the Fahrenheit scale of

A) 32°
B) 12°
C) 0°
D) 1°

MCQ: Zero of Fahrenheit scale is

A) 98.6°F
B) 0°F
C) 1°F
D) −1°F

MCQ: Human accepted comfort zone Celsius temperature is

A) 20°C
B) 0°C
C) 37°C
D) −18°C

MCQ: Normal human body temperature in Fahrenheit is

A) 212°F
B) 98.6°F
C) 68°F
D) 32°F

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