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Learn Trignometry Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Trignometry quiz answers PDF to study engineering mathematics online course for engineering mathematics classes. Derivation Rules Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Trignometry quiz questions for online college admission. "Trignometry MCQ" PDF Book: constant, logarithm, trignometry, transcendental number test prep for online engineering programs.

"∂x sec u=" MCQ PDF: trignometry with choices −sec u∂x, −sec u tan u∂u∂x, sec u tan u∂u∂x, and sec u tan u∂x for online college admission. Study trignometry quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for tricky trivia questions.

MCQs on Trignometry Quiz

MCQ: ∂x sec u=

−sec u∂x
−sec u tan u∂u∂x
sec u tan u∂u∂x
sec u tan u∂x

MCQ: Let g(x)=sin(2x2+x) then g'(x) will be

4x sin(2x2+x)

MCQ: ∂x cot u=


MCQ: −sinβ ∂u∂x =


MCQ: sin2x+cos2x=