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The e-Book RF Design Challenges Quiz Questions, rf design challenges quiz answers PDF download chapter 2-5 to study online rf electronics degree courses. Practice Introduction to RF MCQ Questions PDF, rf design challenges Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The RF Design Challenges Quiz App Download: Free learning app for effects of non linearities, rf design challenges test prep for free career test.

The Quiz Reduction in transistor size increases: transit frequency, gain, amplification and output resistance with "RF Design Challenges" App Download (Free) for engineering graduate colleges. Solve introduction to rf questions and answers, Amazon eBook to download free sample to learn free online courses.

RF Design Challenges Quiz Answers PDF Download: Test 5

MCQ 21: The reduction in transistor size increases

A) gain
B) transit frequency
C) amplification
D) output resistance

MCQ 22: In many RF circuits, harmonic distortion is

A) an effective measure
B) an Irrelevant indicator
C) High
D) Low

MCQ 23: RF design is a field of

A) tradeoffs
B) Maximum power transfer
C) maximum gain
D) minimum noise figure

MCQ 24: If load resistance is 50 ohm, 0dBm translates to voltage (p - p) equal to

A) 63.2mW
B) 632mW
C) 632W
D) 6.32mW

MCQ 25: The value 0dBm refers to

A) 1mW
B) 1W
C) 0W
D) 10mW

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