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Gain Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) PDF - 4

The Gain Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) with Answers PDF, Gain MCQ PDF Download e-Book Ch. 1-4 to learn microelectronics online courses. Solve Introduction to Microelectronics Quiz Answers PDF, gain Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for engineering graduate colleges. The Gain MCQ Quiz App Download: Free educational app for gain test prep to learn online schools courses.

The MCQ Quiz: Continuous signals have; "Gain" App (Play Store & App Store) with answers: Infinite y - axis values; Finite y - axis values; Finite x - axis values; Infinite x - axis values and infinite y - axis values; for engineering graduate colleges. Study introduction to microelectronics questions and answers, Apple Book to download free sample for college entrance exams.

Gain Questions and Answers PDF Download: Quiz 4

MCQ 16:

Continuous signals have

  1. finite y - axis values
  2. infinite y - axis values
  3. Finite x - axis values
  4. Infinite x - axis values and infinite y - axis values
MCQ 17:

Sine wave having period of 1ms has frequency

  1. 1000 Hz
  2. 1 KHz
  3. 1 x 10³ Hz
  4. All of these
MCQ 18:

Microphone is an example of

  1. Transducers
  2. electrical component
  3. Both
  4. Amplifier
MCQ 19:

The gains of all the cascaded amplifier stages are

  1. Subtracted
  2. multiplied
  3. Added
  4. Divided
MCQ 20:

Microphone converts

  1. sound to electrical signal
  2. electrical signal to sound
  3. mechanical signal to electrical signal
  4. Noise to voice

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