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Practice Gain quiz questions and answers, gain MCQ with answers PDF 1 to solve Microelectronics mock tests for online college programs. Solve Introduction to Microelectronics trivia questions, gain Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Gain Quiz PDF: gain test prep for job placement test.

"Sine wave having period of 1ms has angular frequency", gain Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices 3.14 krad/s, 6.14 krad/s, 6.14 rad/s, and 3.14 rad/s for online engineering programs. Practice introduction to microelectronics questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for tricky trivia questions.

Quiz on Gain MCQs


Sine wave having period of 1ms has angular frequency

6.14 Krad/s
3.14 Krad/s
6.14 rad/s
3.14 rad/s


An amplifier having voltage gain of 100 has gain in dB

40 dB
20 dB
10 dB
100 dB


Which of the following can be building blocks for representing signals

Sine waves
Impulse function
Any singal with many frequency components
All of these


Current gain of 1000 is equal to

60 dB
50 dB
500 dB
100 dB


A transistor as amplifier requires

DC supply
AC signal
none of above

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