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Biasing a Diode MCQ with Answers PDF

Biasing a Diode Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Biasing a Diode quiz answers PDF with electronic devices career tests for online courses. Practice types and characteristics of diodes Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Biasing a Diode quiz questions for engineering graduate colleges. Biasing a Diode MCQ PDF: biasing a diode, testing a diode, characteristics curves test prep for engineering graduate colleges.

"Multiplication of conduction electrons in reverse breakdown condition is called" MCQ PDF on biasing a diode with choices avalanche, breakdown, break over, and transition for engineering graduate colleges. Practice biasing a diode quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for free career test.

MCQs on Biasing a Diode Quiz

MCQ: Multiplication of conduction electrons in reverse breakdown condition is called

break over

MCQ: Term refers to the rise of DC voltage to establish certain operating conditions for an electronic device is called


MCQ: A small voltage drop occurs across the pn region due to internal resistance of material, this small resistance is called

static resistance
dynamic resistance
base resistance
drain resistance

MCQ: Diode can only biased in

one way
two ways
three ways
four ways

MCQ: As depletion region widens in reverse biased condition, availability of majority charge carriers

become zero
become constant

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