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N-type and P-type Semiconductors Worksheet with Answers PDF Download eBook - 81

Learn N-type and P-type Semiconductors worksheet with answers PDF, n-type and p-type semiconductors MCQ with answers to solve circuit design worksheet 81 for online engineering degrees. Practice "Semiconductors Basics" quiz questions and answers, n-type and p-type semiconductors Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online electronics engineering degree. Free n-type and p-type semiconductors MCQs, transistor characteristics and parameters, atomic structure, optical diode, power supply filters and capacitor filter, n-type and p-type semiconductors test prep for easy enrollment online colleges.

"The majority carriers in p-type material are", n-type and p-type semiconductors Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) with choices holes, ions, electrons, and neutrons for college admission test.

Trivia Quiz on N-type and P-type Semiconductors PDF Download eBook 81

N-type and P-type Semiconductors Quiz

MCQ: The majority carriers in p-type material are

  1. Ions
  2. Holes
  3. Electrons
  4. Neutrons


Power Supply Filters and Capacitor Filter Quiz

MCQ: The variation in the capacitor voltage due to the charging and discharging is called the

  1. Changing voltage
  2. Charging voltage
  3. Discharging voltage
  4. Ripple voltage


Optical Diode Quiz

MCQ: An LED emits light when it is in

  1. Forward-bias
  2. Reverse-bias
  3. Both forward and reverse
  4. Neither forward nor reverse


Atomic Structure Quiz

MCQ: The electrons in the outer most shell are known as

  1. Orbit electrons
  2. Valence electrons
  3. Outer electrons
  4. Big electrons


Transistor Characteristics and Parameters Quiz

MCQ: ?DC of a transistor is its

  1. Current gain
  2. Power gain
  3. Voltage gain
  4. Energy gain