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ECL Manufacturer Specification Quiz Questions Online p. 277

Learn ECL Manufacturer Specification quiz questions and answers, ecl manufacturer specification MCQ with answers PDF 277 to learn Digital Electronics online course. Emitter Coupled Logic (ECL) trivia questions, ECL Manufacturer Specification Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. "ECL Manufacturer Specification Quiz" PDF Book: cmos dynamic operation, cmos static operation, ecl manufacturer specification test prep for online engineering graduate colleges.

"Motorola MECL10000 at 25°C has input high voltage of" MCQ PDF: −1.105 v, −1.476 v, −1.631 v, and −0.981 v for questions to ask during an interview. Study emitter coupled logic (ecl) questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for global knowledge quiz.

Quiz on ECL Manufacturer Specification MCQs

MCQ: Motorola MECL10000 at 25°C has input high voltage of

−1.476 V
−1.105 V
−1.631 V
−0.981 V

MCQ: CMOS inverter can be made to swing at the midpoint of logic swing, 0 to VDD, that is


MCQ: For NMOS circuits, output low voltage depends on the ratio of

transresistance parameters
transconductance parameters
transcapacitance parameters
transreductance parameters

MCQ: 1997 new standard value of VDD is

2.3 V
3.3 V
4 V
5 V

MCQ: The input bits 0-7 are represented by

eight linear expression
seven linear expression
eight Boolean expression
seven Boolean expression