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Masking in Logic Gates MCQ with Answers PDF

Masking in Logic Gates Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Masking in Logic Gates quiz answers PDF with digital electronics career tests for online courses. Practice digital logic gates Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Masking in Logic Gates quiz questions for online engineering graduate schools. Masking in Logic Gates MCQ PDF: gate basics, masking in logic gates, building gates from gates, nand nor and nxor gates test prep for undergraduate engineering schools.

"To reset a state in a circuit we use AND with a mask of" MCQ PDF on masking in logic gates with choices 1, 0, 5 v, and 3.3 v for online engineering graduate schools. Practice masking in logic gates quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for questions to ask during an interview.

MCQs on Masking in Logic Gates Quiz

MCQ: To reset a state in a circuit we use AND with a mask of

5 V
3.3 V

MCQ: AND gate can be used as

electronic switch

MCQ: As a simple application of how these basic logic gates can be combined, we consider the concept of

sequential circuits
circuit analyzing

MCQ: To invert a state in a circuit we use XOR with a mask of

5 V
3.3 V

MCQ: To set a state in a circuit we use OR with a mask of

5 V
3.3 V

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