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Fermat's Principle MCQ with Answers PDF

Solve Fermat's Principle Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), electromagnetic theory quiz answers PDF with career tests for online courses. Practice metamaterials Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Fermat's Principle quiz questions for online engineering programs. Fermat's Principle MCQ PDF: ferrites, noble metals, dilute metals, metamaterials basics test prep for job placement test.

"In the space where light propagates, we replace one material with another one with" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on fermat's principle with choices same refractive index, different refractive index, 90° refractive index, and no refractive index for online engineering programs. Practice fermat's principle quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for engineering associate's degree online.

MCQs on Fermat's Principle Quiz


In the space where light propagates, we replace one material with another one with

same refractive index
different refractive index
90° refractive index
no refractive index


Law which states that travelling between two points will follow the route with smallest optical path length is called

Newton?s principle
Fermat?s principle
Mate?s principle
Gauss?s principle

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