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PHP Error Reporting and Logging MCQ with Answers PDF

PHP Error Reporting and Logging Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), PHP Error Reporting and Logging quiz answers PDF with php career tests for online courses. Practice debugging php programs Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), PHP Error Reporting and Logging quiz questions for applied computer science. PHP Error Reporting and Logging MCQ PDF: using web server logs, php error reporting and logging test prep for online degrees.

"Which from the following error defining codes has the highest severity?" MCQ PDF on php error reporting and logging with choices log_alert, log_info, log_debug, and log_emerg for applied computer science. Practice php error reporting and logging quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for online computer engineering programs.

MCQs on PHP Error Reporting and Logging Quiz

MCQ: Which from the following error defining codes has the highest severity?


MCQ: Error logging is similar to error reporting but causes error events to be recorded at a

Text file
Binary file
None of them

MCQ: A function that writes directly into the log of operating system, is

dump ( )
syslog ( )
log ( )
var ( )

MCQ: Error reporting is turned off and on in

IIS file
php.ini file
display_error file
error file

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