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The Book System calls in Operating System Quiz Questions and Answers, system calls in operating system Quiz MCQs PDF, chapter 7-55 to download online operating system degree courses. Study System Structures MCQ Questions PDF, system calls in operating system Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The e-Book System calls in Operating System Quiz App Download: system calls in operating system, computer system architecture, user operating system interface, types of system calls, operating system operations test prep for online degrees.

The Quiz: System calls of the operating system provides interface to PDF, "System calls in Operating System" App (Android & iOS) Free with processes, programs, services, and utilities choices for applied computer science. Practice system structures questions and answers, Google eBook to download free sample for online computer engineering programs.

Operating System Quiz Online: System calls in Operating System MCQs PDF Download - 55

MCQ: System calls of the operating system provides interface to

A) programs
B) processes
C) services
D) Utilities

MCQ: With multiprocessor approach of the computer system work is done in

A) High scale time
B) less time
C) uncertainty
D) scalability

MCQ: KornShell of the operating system program is used by the

A) windows
C) Linux
D) both b and c

MCQ: One that is not a system call category of the program is

A) process control
B) file generation
C) protection
D) communication

MCQ: For avoiding programs of the operating system to get stuck, system users use

A) trap
B) timers
C) process
D) programs

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