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System calls in Operating System Trivia Questions and Answers PDF p. 54

System calls in Operating System trivia questions and answers, system calls in operating system worksheets with answers PDF 54 to practice Operating System exam questions for online classes. Practice System Structures MCQ questions, system calls in operating system Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. System calls in Operating System Quizzes PDF: operating system services, threads, smp and microkernels, windows threads and smp management, computer system organization, system calls in operating system test prep for software engineering online courses.

"Number of byte read during last read of the program/memory is" MCQ PDF with choices dword bytestoread, lpdword bytestoread, lpdword bytestowrite, and dword bytestowrite for BSc computer science. Learn system structures questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for software engineering online courses.

Trivia Quiz on System calls in Operating System MCQs

MCQ: Number of byte read during last read of the program/memory is

LPDWORD bytesToread
DWORD bytesToread
LPDWORD bytesTowrite
DWORD bytesTowrite

MCQ: The interrupts generated per block during execution is defined to be


MCQ: Windows processes are implemented as


MCQ: Kernel threads are directly supported by

Operating system

MCQ: Communication between devices of computer system is provided by

shared memory
message passing
graphical user interfacing
both a and b

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