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The Book Code Converters Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), code converters quiz answers PDF chapter 8-53 to study online courses, digital logic design tests. Study DLD Lab Equipment and Experiments MCQ trivia questions, code converters Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The e-Book Code Converters MCQs App Download: code converters, product of sums simplification, two level implementations, counters, multiplexers test prep for online college classes.

The MCQ: In BCD, the number 1010 has PDF, "Code Converters" App Android & iOS (Free) with no meaning, meaning, value, and vcc choices for bachelor's degree in computer science. Practice dld lab equipment and experiments questions and answers, Google eBook to download free sample for online computer science and engineering.

MCQ Quiz: Code Converters MCQs

MCQ: In BCD, the number 1010 has

A) meaning
B) no meaning
C) value
D) Vcc

MCQ: Dual complement can be represented as

A) (f ')'
B) (f '')
C) (f )''
D) (f )

MCQ: Odd parity of word can be conveniently tested by

A) OR gate
B) AND gate
C) XOR gate
D) NANA gate

MCQ: What number of various states does a 2-bit asynchronous counter have?

A) 1
B) 2
C) 3
D) 4

MCQ: 4 to 1 mux would have

A) 2inputs
B) 3inputs
C) 4inputs
D) 5inputs

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