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Learn Image Segmentation multiple choice questions and answers, Image Segmentation quiz answers PDF to learn Digital Image Processing worksheets 1 for online courses. Point Line and Edge Detection MCQs, Image Segmentation trivia questions and answers for placement and to prepare for job interview. "Image Segmentation MCQ" PDF Book: point line and edge detection, line detection in image segmentation, edge detection in image processing, line detection in digital image processing, fundamentals of image segmentation career test for master's degree in computer science.

"Digital functions' derivatives are defined as" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on image segmentation with choices multiplication, differences, addition, and division for top online computer science programs. Practice point line and edge detection quiz questions for jobs' assessment test and online courses for BSc computer science.

MCQs on Image Segmentation Quiz

MCQ: Digital functions' derivatives are defined as


MCQ: For line detection we use mask that is


MCQ: Gradient computation equation is


MCQ: For finding horizontal lines we use mask of values

[-1 -1 -1; 2 2 2; -1 -1 -1]
[2 -1 -1; -1 2 -1; -1 -1 2]
[-1 2 -1; -1 2 -1; -1 2 -1]
[-1 -1 2; -1 2 -1;2 -1 -1]

MCQ: If the inner region of the object is textured then approach we use is


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