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Practice Database Management System Classification quiz questions and answers PDF, database management system classification trivia questions 33 to learn online Database Management System course for online classes. Database Concepts and Architecture MCQ questions, database management system classification Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. "Database Management System Classification Quiz" PDF eBook: select and project, hashing techniques, client server architecture, disk file records, database management system classification test prep for top computer science schools.

"The predefined procedures to specify operations for each class is called" MCQ PDF: hierarchy, methods, behavior cycle, and multi hierarchy for online college courses. Solve database concepts and architecture questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for computer science associate degree.

Trivia Quiz on Database Management System Classification MCQs

MCQ: The predefined procedures to specify operations for each class is called

behavior cycle
multi hierarchy

MCQ: The command in DBMS in which the all the records existed in the file are retrieved in specific order is classified as

Find All command
Find n
Find Ordered command
Reorganize command

MCQ: The standard which allows the access to DBMS by the Java client programs is classified as

JCBD standard
JDBC standard
BDJC standard
CJBD standard

MCQ: In extendible hashing array of bucket addresses 2d then d is considered as

global depth
global width
global length
global multiplier

MCQ: In unary relational operations, the symbols such as equal to, less than and greater than are classified as

tuple operators
column operators
comparison operators
row operators