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External Sorting Algorithms MCQ Questions PDF - 6

The Book External Sorting Algorithms Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), external sorting algorithms MCQs Quiz PDF download chapter 10-6 to study online database management system course. Study Query Processing and Optimization Algorithms quiz answers PDF, external sorting algorithms Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The eBook External Sorting Algorithms MCQs App Download: external sorting algorithms, multilevel indexes, eer model concepts, dbms end users, subclass and superclass test prep for free online classes.

The MCQs: In external sorting, the number of runs that can be merged in every pass are called PDF, "External Sorting Algorithms" App (Android & iOS) Free with degree of passing, degree of merging, degree of sorting, and degree of runs choices for computer majors. Practice query processing and optimization algorithms questions and answers, Google eBook to download free sample for best online schools for computer science.

Database Management System MCQ: External Sorting Algorithms Quiz PDF Download - 6

MCQ: In external sorting, the number of runs that can be merged in every pass are called

A) degree of merging
B) degree of passing
C) degree of sorting
D) degree of runs

MCQ: In multilevel indexes, the primary index created for its first level is classified as

A) zero level of multilevel index
B) third level of multilevel index
C) second level of multilevel index
D) first level of multilevel index

MCQ: The type of classes which specifies the operations and attributes but the corresponding classes are not available are classified as

A) abstract classes
B) leaf node classes
C) overlapping node classes
D) shared node classes

MCQ: The package of software that facilitate the modeling of database and improved performance of database system is classified as

A) tools
B) tool developers
C) programmers
D) system tools

MCQ: The entity type from which the subgroups can be made is classified as

A) super class
B) subclass
C) qualified class
D) non-qualified class

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