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Magnetic Disk and Flash Storage Quiz Questions PDF Download - 61

The e-Book Magnetic Disk and Flash Storage Quiz Questions, magnetic disk and flash storage MCQ with answers PDF chapter 24-61 to study online courses, database systems tests. Practice Storage and File Structure trivia questions, Magnetic Disk and Flash Storage Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The e-Book "Magnetic Disk and Flash Storage MCQ" App Download: open database connectivity (odbc), java database connectivity (jdbc), failure classification in dbms, double buffering, magnetic disk and flash storage test prep for computer science associate degree.

The Quiz "Block-access time can be reduced by using" PDF, Magnetic Disk and Flash Storage App Download (Free) with buffering, scheduling, file organization, and logging choices for computer software engineer online degree. Solve storage and file structure questions and answers, Amazon eBook to download free sample for 2 year computer science degree.

Chapter 24 Quiz: Magnetic Disk and Flash Storage MCQs

MCQ: Block-access time can be reduced by using

A) Scheduling
B) Buffering
C) File organization
D) Logging

MCQ: Double buffering uses

A) 2 parallel buffers
B) 2 subsequent buffers
C) 4 Vertical buffers
D) 4 vertical buffers

MCQ: The database is partitioned into storage units of fixed length, known to be

A) Blocks
B) Sectors
C) Units
D) Tracks

MCQ: The schema name, table name, and column name patterns can be used to specify

A) A name
B) A pattern
C) An object
D) Both A and B

MCQ: A language in which SQL queries are embedded is referred to as a

A) Server language
B) Host language
C) Structure language
D) Procedural language

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