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The Book Database Design Test Questions PDF, database design quiz answers PDF, download chapter 13-380 to learn online database systems course. Solve Introduction to DBMS Test PDF, Database Design Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The eBook Database Design Trivia App Download: heuristic optimization in dbms, er diagrams symbols, transactions management in dbms, basic structure of sql queries, database design test prep for cheapest online computer science degree.

The Test: The set of all entities of the same type, is termed as PDF, "Database Design Test" App APK Download with set of entities, relative entities, entity set, and group set choices for computer and information science. Study introduction to dbms questions and answers, Apple Book to download free sample for top online computer science programs.

Database Systems: Database Design MCQs Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: The set of all entities of the same type, is termed as

A) Relative entities
B) Set of entities
C) Entity set
D) Group set

MCQ: The basic structure of an SQL query consists of

A) Clauses
B) Commands
C) Tuples
D) Attributes

MCQ: A term saying that no two transactions to be executed concurrently is referred as

A) Durability
B) Atomicity
C) Inconsistency
D) Isolation

MCQ: An E-R diagram can graphically represent the

A) Physical structure
B) Logical structure
C) View structure
D) Virtual structure

MCQ: Modern database systems provide more direct support for

A) Incremental view maintenance
B) Data-view maintenance
C) Deferred view maintenance
D) Immediate view maintenance

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