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Learn Advanced Aggregation Features quiz questions and answers, advanced aggregation features MCQ with answers PDF 139 to learn Database Systems online course. Advanced SQL trivia questions, Advanced Aggregation Features Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. "Advanced Aggregation Features Quiz" PDF Book: heuristic query optimization, database architecture, aggregate functions, relational algebra, advanced aggregation features test prep for software engineering online courses.

"Ranking operation is achieved over the partitions of the" MCQ PDF: applications, subprocesses, data, and recursions for BSc computer science. Study advanced sql questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for software engineering online courses.

Quiz on Advanced Aggregation Features MCQs

MCQ: Ranking operation is achieved over the partitions of the


MCQ: The operation that allows combination of information from any two relations, is known as

Cartesian product

MCQ: All aggregate functions for their input collection, except count(*) ignore the

Null value

MCQ: The term that says what actions to carry out under what conditions, is known as the

Data logic
Business logic
Computing logic
File logic

MCQ: Advanced optimization techniques includes optimization of updates, multiquery optimization and

Top-K optimization
Join minimization
Parametric query optimization
All of the Above