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Encryption and Applications Quiz Questions and Answers PDF p. 439

Practice Encryption and Applications quiz questions and answers, encryption and applications MCQ with answers PDF 439 to solve Database Systems mock tests for online college programs. Learn Relational Database Design trivia questions, encryption and applications Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Encryption and Applications Quiz PDF: database architecture, database design, structure of relational model, constraints in dbms, encryption and applications test prep for applied computer science.

"Adding extra random bits to the value can result in avoiding", encryption and applications Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices passive attacks, dictionary attacks, active attacks, and forgery for online college classes. Practice relational database design questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for accelerated computer science degree online.

Quiz on Encryption and Applications MCQs


Adding extra random bits to the value can result in avoiding

Dictionary attacks
Passive attacks
Active attacks


When an entity in set A is associated with any number of entities in set B, the cardinality is said to be of type



If elements of the domain are considered to be indivisible units, the domain is said to be



A set of relation schemas that also allows to retrieve information easily, is task done by



Database applications are usually partitioned into

2 parts
3 parts
4 parts
5 parts

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