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GSM and CDMA Quiz Questions and Answers PDF Download - 293

The GSM and CDMA Quiz Questions and Answers PDF (GSM and CDMA Quiz with Answers PDF e-Book) download Ch. 15-293 to prepare Computer Networks Practice Tests. Solve Multiple Access MCQ with answers PDF, GSM and CDMA Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for BSc computer science. The GSM and CDMA Quiz App Download: Free learning app for gsm and cdma, ipv4 connectivity, transmission control protocol (tcp), electronic mail, networking basics test prep for online computer science schools.

The Quiz MCQ: CDMA stands for; "GSM and CDMA" App Download (Free) with answers: Code Data Multiple Access; Carrier Division Multiple Access; Code Division Multiple Access; Carrier Data Multiple Access; for BSc computer science. Learn Multiple Access Questions and Answers, Apple eBook to download free sample to study online networking courses.

GSM and CDMA Questions and Answers PDF Download: MCQ 293

MCQ 1461:

CDMA stands for

  1. Carrier Division Multiple Access
  2. Code Data Multiple Access
  3. Code Division Multiple Access
  4. Carrier Data Multiple Access
MCQ 1462:

In Internet Protocol Version (IPv4), If we use a protocol with the Maximum Transfer Unit (MTU), it makes the transmission more

  1. difficult
  2. efficient
  3. slow
  4. effective
MCQ 1463:

TCP stands for

  1. Transmission Control Path
  2. Transmission Control Ports
  3. Transmission Control Packet
  4. Transmission Control Protocol
MCQ 1464:

When the sender and the receiver of an e-mail are on different systems, we need two VAs and a pair of

  1. MTA
  2. VTA
  3. IP
  4. TCP
MCQ 1465:

Which network topology requires a central controller or hub?

  1. Star
  2. Bus
  3. Mesh
  4. Ring

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GSM and CDMA App (Android & iOS)

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