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Hypertext Transfer Protocol MCQ with Answers PDF

Hypertext Transfer Protocol Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Hypertext Transfer Protocol quiz answers PDF with computer networks live worksheets for online degrees. Solve www and http Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Hypertext Transfer Protocol quiz questions to learn online certificate courses. Hypertext Transfer Protocol MCQ PDF: web documents, http and html test prep for 2 year computer science degree.

"To use proxy server, the client must be configured to access the proxy instead of the" MCQ PDF on hypertext transfer protocol with choices proxy server, target server, domain server, and original server to learn online certificate courses. Solve hypertext transfer protocol quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for computer and information science.

MCQs on Hypertext Transfer Protocol Quiz

MCQ: To use proxy server, the client must be configured to access the proxy instead of the

proxy server
target server
domain server
original server

MCQ: In hypertext transaction, the term CONNECT is used for

connection generation
reserved connection
connection termination
active connection

MCQ: In Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP), a client can directly connect to a server using

web-based connection
linear connection

MCQ: The Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) uses the services of Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) on

well-known port 80
well-known port 81
well-known port 82
well-known port 83

MCQ: The proxy server reduces the load on the

proxy server
node server
domain server
original server

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