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The e-Book Computer Applications MCQ Questions, computer applications quiz answers PDF download chapter 2-116 to learn online computer basics degree programs. Solve Applications of Computers Test PDF, Computer Applications Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The Computer Applications MCQ Quiz App Download: Free certification app for word processing fonts, ring topology, spreadsheet programs basics, word processing elements, computer applications test prep for top computer science schools in the world.

The MCQ Quiz Which of the following is not an example of e-commerce: online chatting, electronic banking, electronic shopping and online education with "Computer Applications" App APK Download (Free) for 2 year computer science degree. Study applications of computers questions and answers, Apple Book to download free sample for CS major.

Computer Applications MCQ with Answers PDF Download: Quiz 116

MCQ 576: Which of the following is not an example of e-commerce?

A) electronic banking
B) online chatting
C) electronic shopping
D) online education

MCQ 577: You can detect spelling and grammar errors by pressing

A) shift + F7
B) Ctrl + F7
C) Alt + F7
D) F7

MCQ 578: Computer spreadsheet cell that is highlighted with a heavy border is a

A) active cell
B) cell containing a formula
C) locked cell
D) cell

MCQ 579: Flow of data in a computer ring network topology is

A) uni directional
B) bi directional
C) simplex
D) duplex

MCQ 580: General computer term that refers to the setting of margins, tab positions, text justification, vertical and horizontal centering and line spacing is

A) tool
B) layout
C) format
D) setup

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