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Microcomputer Processor Quiz Questions and Answers p. 100

Practice Microcomputer processor quiz questions and answers PDF, microcomputer processor MCQ with answers worksheet 100 for online past papers exam. Practice "Processing Data" quiz questions with answers, microcomputer processor Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online . Free microcomputer processor MCQs, computer: memory devices, microcomputer processor types, computer buses, it revolution, microcomputer processor test prep for 2 year computer science degree.

"The SCSI bus connects devices using a cable interface", microcomputer processor Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices un-terminated, daisy chain, internal, and plug-n-play to learn online certificate courses. Learn processing data questions and answers with free online certification courses for computer and information science.

Quiz on Microcomputer Processor


The SCSI bus connects devices using a cable interface

daisy chain


Before the development of microprocessors, computers are operated and accessed by

particular person
two persons
any one
no one


Main advantage of multiple bus organization over single bus is

reduction in a number of cycles for execution
increase in size of registers
better connectivity
fast speed


Secondary memory is also called

backup store
both A and B


Memory word size in modern computers typically ranges from

4 to 64 bits
8 to 40 bits
5 to 50 bits
3 to 36 bits