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Operating System Errors Interview Questions with Answers PDF p. 9

Operating System Errors interview questions and answers, operating system errors trivia questions PDF 9 to practice Computer Basics exam questions for online classes. Practice Operating Systems MCQ questions, operating system errors Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Operating System Errors Interview Questions PDF: spreadsheet program wizards, computer software and human life, introduction to internet, sequential access memory (sam), operating system errors test prep for computer software engineer.

"If a process fails, most operating system write the error information to a" MCQ PDF with choices another running process, log file, new file, and recently used file for computer science programs. Learn operating systems questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for cheapest online computer science degree.

Trivia Quiz on Operating System Errors MCQs

MCQ: If a process fails, most operating system write the error information to a

log file
another running process
new file
recently used file

MCQ: Type of computer memory in which access time is not constant but varies depending on the address location is known as


MCQ: Computer can be linked to the internet through the

phone-line modem
cable modem
all of these

MCQ: Softwares that are designed to modify the functionality of another piece of software, are

both A and B

MCQ: In a computer, element which is not a part of chart is

plot area
fill handler
chart area