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Cache Performance Optimizations Multiple Choice Questions PDF p. 44

Learn Cache Performance Optimizations multiple choice questions and answers, cache performance optimizations quiz answers PDF 44 to learn Computer Architecture course for college certification. Practice Instruction Set Principles quiz, cache performance optimizations Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. "Cache performance optimizations MCQ" PDF Download: understanding virtual memory, vector architecture design, real faults and failures, cost trends and analysis, cache performance optimizations test prep for online computer science schools.

"One successful architecture which is very different from RISC is the", cache performance optimizations Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices reduced number of addressing modes, increased memory size, all of above, and having a branch delay slot for online software development courses. Learn instruction set principles questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for computer software engineer.

Cache Performance Optimizations Questions and Answers


One successful architecture which is very different from RISC is the

increased memory size
reduced number of addressing modes
all of above
having a branch delay slot


The range of designs between direct-mapped and fully-associative cache is called

set definitive
set associative
fully associative
block associative


Fetching the words in simple order, but as the requested block word arrives, send it towards the processor, is known as

early restart
start before
sequential interchange


Dies that are 1.5cm on a side and 1.0cm on a side, supposing a density of (0.031/per cm)2 and N is 13.5, will have to die yielding

0.4 and 0.66
0.4 and 1.66
1.4 and 0.66
2.4 and 0.66


When a fault occurs, it creates a latent error, when gets activated, becomes

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