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The IPv6 Test Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with Answers PDF, IPv6 Test MCQs PDF e-Book download Ch. 18-50 to solve Computer Networks Practice Tests. Study Network Layer Internet Protocol quiz answers PDF, IPv6 Test Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online networking classes. The IPv6 Test MCQs App: Free download educational app for ipv6 test, internet checksum, frame relay and atm, simple network management protocol, telephone networks test prep for master's degree in computer science.

The MCQs: Internet Protocol Version (IPv6) is designed to allow extension of; "IPv6 Test MCQs" App (Android & iOS) with answers: Dataset; Protocol; Headers; Routes; for online networking classes. Practice Network Layer Internet Protocol Questions and Answers, Google eBook to download free sample for computer majors.

IPv6 Test Questions and Answers PDF Download: Quiz 50

MCQ 246:

Internet Protocol Version (IPv6) is designed to allow the extension of the

  1. protocol
  2. dataset
  3. headers
  4. routes
MCQ 247:

What is the parity bit for 1001011?

  1. 0
  2. 1
  3. 2
  4. none
MCQ 248:

Application Adaptation Layer (AAL) can accept continuous bit streams and break them into chunks to be encapsulated into a cell at the

  1. ATM Layer
  2. linear layer
  3. data layer
  4. transport layer
MCQ 249:

Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), defines eight types of

  1. protocols
  2. domains
  3. packets
  4. paths
MCQ 250:

If a subscriber needs to provide free connections for other subscribers, it can request the

  1. 800 service
  2. 900 service
  3. wide-area telephone service
  4. digital data service

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The App: IPv6 Test MCQs App to learn IPv6 Test Multiple Choice Questions, Computer Networks MCQ App, and Computer Basics MCQs App. The "IPv6 Test MCQs" App to free download iOS & Android Apps includes complete analytics with interactive assessments. Download App Store & Play Store learning Applications & enjoy 100% functionality with subscriptions!

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