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Exploiting Memory Multiple Choice Questions and Answers PDF p. 1

Practice Exploiting Memory multiple choice questions and answers, CS quiz answers PDF to solve Computer Architecture worksheets 1 for online colleges. Solve caches and cache types MCQs, Exploiting Memory trivia questions and answers for admission and merit scholarships test. Exploiting Memory MCQ PDF: caches and cache types, pipelining implementation, graphics processing units, designing and evaluating an i/o system career test for computer software engineer.

"In a direct-mapped cache of eight words (1)10 ((00001)2) and (29)10 ((11101)2) map to locations" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on exploiting memory with choices (1)10 ((001)2)) and (4)10 ((101)2)), (0)10 ((001)2)) and (5)10 ((101)2)), (1)10 ((001)2)) and (5)10 ((101)2)), and (1)10 ((001)2)) and (6)10 ((101)2)) for computer science programs. Practice caches and cache types quiz questions for jobs' assessment test and online courses for cheapest online computer science degree.

MCQs on Exploiting Memory Quiz


In a direct-mapped cache of eight words (1)10 ((00001)2) and (29)10 ((11101)2) map to locations

(0)10 ((001)2)) and (5)10 ((101)2))
(1)10 ((001)2)) and (4)10 ((101)2))
(1)10 ((001)2)) and (5)10 ((101)2))
(1)10 ((001)2)) and (6)10 ((101)2))


The difference between lower level access time and cache access time is called

hit time
miss rate
locality in time
miss penalty


Which type of cache can service multiple memory requests at the same time?

non-blocking cache
blocking cache
cache buffer
none of above


Having 32-bit virtual-address, 4 KB pages and 4 bytes/page of the table entry, the total no of page-table size would be



A queue holding data while the data are waiting to be written in memory is known as

read buffer
queue buffer
write buffer
data buffer

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