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Dependability MCQ with Answers PDF Download

The Book Dependability Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz), Dependability quiz answers PDF to study online courses, computer architecture tests. Practice Instruction Level Parallelism Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Dependability quiz questions for best online schools for computer science. The eBook Dependability MCQ App Download: signed and unsigned numbers, mips fields, real faults and failures, designing and evaluating an i/o system test prep for accelerated computer science degree online.

The MCQ: If straight-line code is generated by un-rolling, then this stated technique is known as PDF, "Dependability" App Download (Free) with global scheduling, local scheduling, post scheduling, and pre scheduling choices for best online schools for computer science. Study dependability quiz questions, download Google eBook (Free Sample) for online software development courses.

Computer Architecture: Dependability MCQs PDF Download

MCQ: If straight-line code is generated by un-rolling, then this stated technique is known as

A) global scheduling
B) local scheduling
C) post scheduling
D) pre scheduling

MCQ: Private data that is used by a single-processor, then shared data are used by

A) single processor
B) multi-processor
C) single tasking
D) multi-tasking

MCQ: The security loopholes prevent by not allowing the user process to ask the operating system to access something indirectly are known as

A) Blocks
B) Frames
C) Trojan horses
D) Routines

MCQ: Width of an object like a double-word will be having a size of

A) 2 bytes
B) 4 bytes
C) 7 bytes
D) 8 bytes

MCQ: Jumping back to calling routine in MIPS is represented as

A) jl $ra
B) jr $ra
C) jump $ra
D) jmp $ra

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