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Compiler Optimization MCQ with Answers PDF Download

The e-Book Compiler Optimization Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz), Compiler Optimization quiz answers PDF to learn online courses, computer architecture tests. Study Computer Memory Review Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Compiler Optimization quiz questions for applied computer science. The e-Book "Compiler Optimization MCQ" App Download: array switch, cost trends and analysis, network routing, arbitration and switching, multiplication calculations test prep for online degrees.

The MCQ "The virtually indexer's limitation, saying that a direct-mapped cache can have a size no bigger than the" PDF, Compiler Optimization App Download (Free) with page size, frame size, cache, and block choices for applied computer science. Practice compiler optimization quiz questions, download Amazon eBook (Free Sample) for online computer engineering programs.

Computer Architecture: Compiler Optimization MCQs PDF Download

MCQ: The virtually indexer's limitation, saying that a direct-mapped cache can have a size no bigger than the

A) page size
B) frame size
C) cache
D) block

MCQ: 1000 disks having 1,000,000-hour MTTF, if failed disks are being replaced with a new one, having the same as all having reliability characteristics, the number of disks that would be failed in a year (8760 hours) is

A) 4
B) 8
C) 9
D) 12

MCQ: When two nodes send at the same time, then the occurring problem is known as

A) collision
B) accident
C) switching
D) interaction

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